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Quality of life (QOL) axiological profile of the elderly population served by the Family Health Program (FHP) in Brazil

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Show simple item record Figueira, Helena A. Giani, Tânia Santos Beresford, Heron Ferreira, Márcia A. Mello, Danielli Braga de Figueira, Alan A. Figueira, Joana A. Dantas, Estélio Henrique Martin 2014-12-03T16:57:02Z 2014-12-03T16:57:02Z 2009
dc.description.abstract With the purpose of optimizing the satisfaction of the elderly subjects, either existential or not, presenting their unique preference, this research aimed to evaluate the effects of aging on QOL of the aged persons, served by the FHP. The basic intention was to establish parameters of QOL-impact on aging. Our sample was a non-selected population of aged volunteers from Perequê-Mirim-I Family Health Unity, in Caraguatatuba, São Paulo, Brazil. In this correlational descriptive research, the elderly subjects answered a questionnaire on QOL, specific to the aged persons (WHOQOL-OLD). These answers revealed the degree to which of the six facets of WHOQOL-OLD was given priority. The dimensional techniques of descriptive statistics (mean ± S.D., median, coefficient of variation) normality evaluation (Kolmogorov–Smirnov), and inferential statistical techniques (Z-score test, χ2) were adopted, considering the level-II error = 10% and accepting level-I error = 5%. The main results revealed a correlation between the income and QOL. Death and dying appeared to be a substantial preoccupation, opposed to intimacy that raised the QOL level. It is suggested that any works directed to the elderly population should take in consideration the self-evaluation of aging effects on QOL. pt_BR
dc.language.iso en_US pt_BR
dc.source pt_BR
dc.subject Quality of life (QOL) pt_BR
dc.subject Axiological profile pt_BR
dc.subject QOL during aging pt_BR
dc.subject Family Health Program (FHP) pt_BR
dc.subject WHOQOL-OLD questionnaire pt_BR
dc.title Quality of life (QOL) axiological profile of the elderly population served by the Family Health Program (FHP) in Brazil pt_BR
dc.type Produção bibliográfica: Artigos completos publicados em periódicos pt_BR
dc.identifier.number v. 49 n. 3 pt_BR

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